Overhead shot of Green with Gratitude
Green with gratitude sign
Student holding we appreciate your donation signs
Students holding Green with Gratitude signs
Students holding Green with Gratitude tshirts
Students holding thank you signs
Students with thank you signs at union
Green with Gratitude at Fretwell
Green with Gratitude at the Union


In March, we will be tagging a few things on campus that are named for some of our most generous alumni donors. To designate these spaces, there are TAGS with a special code on them. 

The following are the locations of the tags. Go find them all for MORE chances to win.

  • Jamil Niner Student Pantry
  • Hauser Alumni Pavilion
  • Hunter and Stephanie Edwards Promenade
  • Popp Martin Student Union
  • Johnson Band Center
  • Cato College of Education

Also, look for a Green with Gratitude station on campus this week, and stop to write a thank you note to a donor!

Green with Gratitude is a 49er effort established to educate students on the importance and impact of philanthropy. If you’re a current student, you’ve been touched by philanthropy --- from renovated classrooms and financial aid, to cultural events and campus beautification. Day after day, private support is a vital part of your 49er education.

Green with Gratitude strives to:

  • Create awareness of how gifts from alumni, parents, and friends impact current students;
  • Help 49ers get involved in expressing their thanks to our dedicated and loyal donors;
  • Foster a spirit of philanthropy within our student body before graduation.